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Australian Short Story Festival tickets now on sale

The annual Australian Short Story Festival is back this October and for the first time it is being held in Melbourne! From the 18th-20th of October at the Hawthorn Arts Festival, join a number of great authors and share your love for the short story form with other...

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Call For Papers: Southerly’s 80th Anniversary Issue

Southerly?is turning 80 and you are invited to contribute to the anniversary issue! We are especially interested in work about anniversaries, cultural and literary elders, longevity, legacies and renewal, late style, cultures of small literary magazines in Australia,...

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Tess Scholfield-Peters?I sit at the heavy antique desk that belonged to my mother and trawl through online newspapers, squinting at the scanned black and white pages that have become distorted and near-illegible in the digitising process. I’m trying to...

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Part 3

Dave Drayton i i 3095 Research I’m trying to reassure myself that the time and energy spent translating Robin’s story wasn’t wasted. I now know how the game works, how far I can bend pronunciation or stretch grammar in writing around the postcodes. I can...

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